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DnD 5e Spells SRD

Dschäykib 96 19

All DnD spells from the SRD copied from here.The magic schools are tags and there is "DnD 5e spells" which ta ...

DnD Monsters

Dschäykib 44 7

All DnD monsters from the SRD are copied from here.The tags are used to show the size and the alignment, also ...


Jay 26 1

This plugin adds a STUB tag to your campaigns, for you to tag entities that need to be worked on.

Kanka City Pack - Arburg

Karuga 16 5

This pack is intended for new worldbuilders, it contains a City, with 15 locations (including taverns, abbeys, ...

Ornstein's 5e Item Compendium

Ornstein 14 5

You've seen the spells of questionable balancing, what about items to supplement them? With awful drawings! W ...

Ornstein's 5e Spell Compendium

Ornstein 12 4

These are spells made for D&D 5e. A few might have been inspired by other people's spells, but for the mos ...

Felix Carnis Creodonta

Waldue 4 0

The Felix Carnis Creodonta (or short FCC) is a large organization specialized in custom services like personal ...

Kalendarz Imperialny

Kypnotic 0 0

Kalendarz Imperialny - Warhammer