Ornstein's 5e Item Compendium

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You've seen the spells of questionable balancing, what about items to supplement them? With awful drawings! What is this, Christmas!? (There's a 0.2% chance it isn't Christmas)

Includes 15 items, tagged for easy sorting:

  • Arsenal - Your own personal armory on your fingertip
  • Bigger Knife - You can always make fun of theirs, because yours is bigger.
  • Cello Case of Holding - For all the bard's many instruments
  • Discount Healing Potions - Normal healing potions are too expensive! ...And palatable.
  • Dunce Circlet of Intelligence - You can be very smart! But everyone will know you aren't, normally.
  • Ear Cuffs of Whispering Winds - The long distance communication for friends
  • Hat of the Birthday Person - Happy birthday!
  • Homeward Compass - Never get lost. Kind of. I mean, relative to somewhere.
  • Iascalt - Make sure mages stay caught.
  • Illusory Weapon - Weapons in your hands may be closer to an opponent that they may appear.
  • Memory Gem - External hard drives for your brain, man. Woah.
  • Portable Library - Take your books wherever you go. Complete with the SHHHing experience. Nerd.
  • Sir Stuffed - Very cute. Unless you're a threat. Then still cute, but also a hinderance. 
  • Swordbreaker - Mundane, but useful.
  • Thiefbait Bag - Best way to stop a thief is a walloping. But this works, too.

All item drawings are by me or photo manipulations of Creative Common 0 items. Feel free to use all of these however you want in home games and campaigns.

Latest version 1.1

Released 2 years ago

  • Iescalt was improperly titled "iascalt" despite being written properly in the body multiple times
  • Some body text was small for no discernable reason on a few entities
    • Illusory weapon 
    • Discount Healing Potions
    • Swordbreaker
  • Fixed formatting of memory gem to be consistent