Ornstein's 5e Spell Compendium

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These are spells made for D&D 5e. A few might have been inspired by other people's spells, but for the most part these are ones I came up with so feel free to use them as you please in your home games. 

Currently there are 8, most of which are Arcane spells. I will tweak and add more depending on future feedback. Currently includes:

  • Blinkback: Turn invisible & tether to a location. If you give someone a stab, you jump back to the tethered spot!
  • Bork's Knock: Force someone within a building to respond to your knocks! They will hear the good word of your Lord!
  • Cower: You're just a weak little spellcaster, make one of your beefy allies take that massive blow, instead! (They may not forgive you)
  • Pulser & Slider's Bubbles: Make a bubble of condensed or expanded time
  • See Ultraviolet: Useless, but neat!
  • Sponsor Shoutout: Have nosy people around you tune out your conversation!
  • Venwynn's Living Memory: Experience events from the past as if you were really there!

If you have any requests for additions, changes, or balancing suggestions feel free to reach out to me on the discord!

Latest version 1.2

Released 2 years ago


  • Telepat, cantrip (give a comforting pat at a distance)

Formatting Fixes

Some of the entries had weird issues like horizontal lines and squished text that wasn't visible in the marketplace editor. Fixed these issues for the following spells:

  • Blinkback
  • Cower
  • Pulser's Bubble
  • See Ultraviolet
  • Slider's Bubble