Featured Plugins

Guardian Dark

Guardian 156 48

A full dark theme for your campaign with lower contrast.Note: You must use the "Dark" campaign theme (World &g ...

Character Sheet DnD 5e

Dschäykib 144 39

A D&D 5e character sheet based on the one from ArcOnyx here.I changed the layout and added some minor thin ...

Dashboard Banners

Guardian 104 29

Adds a "World Map" and "Characters" banner to the dashboard. For this to work properly, you must place a full ...

Calligraphic Headings

Olessan 94 26

About | Calligraphic Headings is a self-contained plugin that does three things:      1 — changes the fo ...

Quick Link Icons

Guardian 84 29

Adds icons to quick links based on the type of link.