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D&D 5e

Adds all D&D 5th edition conditions to your campaign as Notes, under a parent DnD5 Conditions Note so you can easily organize, move or convert them. All conditions also have the DD5 Condition tag, which can be used in filters but also allows custom styling via my companion theme DnD5 Condition Tooltips. Long descriptions (such as for Exhaustion and Petrified) have been condensed to fit the default tooltip character limit if your campaign ceases to be boosted/Premium in the future, but show in full until then.

Conditions are taken from the SRD and are subject to the included OGL license.

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Latest version 2

Released 5 months ago

  • Removed unnecessary markup.
  • Added the expanded description of Petrified to the Premium tooltip option. If your campaign is no longer boosted/Premium, the tooltip will default to the shorter entry version so it doesn’t get cut off.
  • Likewise, Exhaustion’s description will show the effects of each level in a table if the campaign is boosted/Premium, and default to simple lines of text otherwise.