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The Felix Carnis Creodonta (or short FCC) is a large organization specialized in custom services like personal security, gathering Intel, specialized hunters and even providing a private army. If you have the funds, the FCC probably has the right tool for it.

Latest version 1.0

Released 2 years ago

The Felix Carnis Creodonta, or FCC for short, is a big organization that is specialized in sending professional problem solvers. They govern the best bounty hunters, bodyguards, information brokers, and even private armies. If you have the coin you can make sure to get the best service possible, in any way you can fathom.

This content pack includes

  • the organization itself
  • the chairman of the council
  • half of the council (so if you want to you can add the other half)
  • important Notes on the different factions
  • Tattoos the FCC uses
  • and Tags to categorize the entities