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A companion theme for my DnD5 Conditions content pack. This theme decorates tooltips on links that point to those conditions to look more like excerpts from the rulebook. You can also create more entities that will use the same styling by simply giving them the DD5 Condition tag!

Note that links generated by Kanka (e.g. in entity lists), as opposed to mentions created by users in entities, do not allow the same flexibility in styling their tooltips. If you notice that the outer border looks different in those places, that is normal (albeit not intended).


I can see the fancy tooltips, but my players only see default tooltips

If your campaign does not allow some users or roles to see tags, this theme will not work for them. They at least need read access to the DD5 Condition tag.

Latest version 2.1

Released 6 months ago

  • Slightly darker description text to improve legibility over the background.
  • Improved list formatting for the Exhaustion condition.