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A D&D 5e character sheet based on the one from ArcOnyx here.
I changed the layout and added some minor things to it.

Latest version 2.0

Released 1 year ago

A version for a D&D 5e character sheet, based on the design the DnD 5e Sheet from ArcOnyx. In general, the same attributes are used, but some are left out (like the ideals and proficiency) which are mentioned to be better put in other modules of kanka.

There are a some removed spaces in the attribute names:

  • _Animal Handling -> _AnimalHandling
  • _Sleight of Hand -> _SleightofHand

In addition there are a few new attributes:

  • Inspiration
  • Death Saves (Success and Failures)
  • 3 Attacks (e.g.: attack_1_name, attack_1_bonus and attack_1_dmg)
  • Hit Dice Total
  • Hit Point maximum
For Skills / Saves: the icon will change depending on the Skil / Save value. 0 is an empty circle and for1 and 2 (for expertise / double proficiency bonus) a filled one.
Same goes for the Death saving throws (0-3).

Like in ArcOnyx's sheet, the attributes starting with _ are internally calculated, but can be changed if needed.

Any issues or ideas to improve can be added here.

Version 1.0

Major change:
  • changed the syntax for attributes to {{ }} (see details here)
  • with this all spaces wihtin attibute names are changed to underscores "_"
    Need re-checking attribute values witin kanka!

Bug fixes:

  • fixed placement of spells and attacks.

Version 1.1

Now with dark mode feature:

Version 1.2

Update documentation text

Version 2.0

Add editable features for some values. Not included at the moment are circles for saves and proficiencies, because the underlying values are not visible in the template but are shown as icons. The values for those fields (eg. Acrobatics) are also not included, since they are calculated and editing would remove the formula.
Please feel free to give me feedback or ideas on how to improve this!