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Automatically adds a recognizable icon after external links in entity content areas (entry, notes, dashboard widgets, etc.) and provides custom properties to style them further.

This plugin is compatible with all official themes, except when it comes to using a different colour in non-Default themes. Hopefully, the official themes will be easier to customize in the future.


You can add the following CSS custom properties to your campaign to give external links a more distinct appearance:

:body {
	--external-link-color: rgb(60, 141, 188);
	--external-link-hover-color: rgb(60, 141, 188);
	--external-link-font: inherit;
	--external-link-size: inherit;
	--external-link-weight: inherit;
	--external-link-decoration: inherit;

The default values above correspond to the official Default theme.

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Released 3 months ago

Adds icons and styling options in all entity content blocks.