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A character sheet for PCs in D&D 5e.

Update: Dschäykib has released a version with styling closer to the official 5e sheet. Check it out here https://marketplace.kanka.io/plugins/89ed8d25-7550-45c2-be7a-8f814f21d04e

Usage Notes

  • Attributes whose names start with an underscore like _so are internal attributes used by the sheet and typically contain formulae for automatically calculated values. You can just ignore them and leave the default values in. However, if they do not fit your character just replace them with the correct values.
  • The ability modifiers, saving throws and skill modifiers displayed on the sheet are automatically calculated in this _internal attributes based on values in other attributes. See below for notes on the correct input for these formulae.
  • The skill and saving throw fields use the following system for proficiency and expertise:
    0 = Not proficient, 1 = proficient 2 = expertise. These values are applied as multipliers to the proficiency bonus, so a value of 0.5 should work for bard's Jack of All Trades and similar features.
  • The Armour Class field defaults to a calculation for unarmoured AC. Feel free to replace that with your actual AC.
  • Some sections (resistancessensesattacksfeaturesspellsnotes) will automatically be hidden if their associated attributes are empty.
  • The ability score (e.g. Strength), saving throw and skill fields expect numerical inputs. If you include other text the associated formulae will fail. This isn't a big deal but may lead to some oddities in the sheet display.
  •  I recommend using Kanka's abilities module for spells and features. Likewise the inventory tools are your best choice for equipment management.
  • A copy of this information is included in the _HELP attribute of the character sheet.

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