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This is a character sheet for use with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (otherwise known as SWADE) from Pinnacle Entertainment Group.  It can also be used for older editions, although it wasn't specifically designed for it. Since Savage Worlds is a system that allows for a lot of different worlds and genres, I've tried to make the character sheet as customizable as possible. If you feel something is missing, please contact me and let me know.

Charisma, Conviction, and Campaign-Specific Stats

Playing the Deluxe edition and need to add Charisma to the character sheet? Playing a game of Interface Zero and want to have the Strain stat for your augments?  Need to add your ETU student's major, or your cleric's deity from Pathfinder? You can set up to five custom stats: three in the flavor section (where the character's name and race is shown) and two in the derived stats section (next to Pace, Parry, and Toughness).

To set a custom flavor stat, use the following attributes, where ## is a number from 01 to 03:

  • Custom_Flavor_Stat##_Label - the name of the stat, like Major or Patron Deity.
  • Custom_Flavor_Stat##_Value - the value of the stat.

To set a custom derived stat, use the following attributes, where ## is a number from 01 to 02:

  • Custom_Derived_Stat##_Label - the name of the stat, like Grit or Strain.
  • Custom_Derived_Stat##_Value - the value of the stat.


If your character has other than 3 Wounds, you can set it using Max_Wounds. You can track your character's current state using the attributes Wounds and Fatigue.  The character sheet will automatically mark off the correct wounds or fatigue on the health track, and mark if your character is incapacitated.


Skills are normally listed first with the core skills, then the remaining skills in alphabetical order. If you prefer to have all of the skills listed alphabetically, set the attribute _alphabetize_skills to true (this does not effect custom skills). All skills are listed in the attributes starting with Sk_ to find them more easily. If a skill is not set or has no value, it will not display on the character sheet. If you want to add custom skills, you can have up to ten. You will need to set the following attributes, where ## is a number from 01 to 10:

  • Sk_Custom##_Name - the name of the skill. This attribute is required.
  • Sk_Custom##_Rank - the die of the skill. This attribute is required.
  • Sk_Custom##_Attr - the linked attribute of the skill (optional).

Custom skills can also be used for Languages in a campaign with the Multiple Languages setting rule. Three sets of attributes for custom skills are already added, but blank.


Powers can be added in one of two ways: using a multiline attribute, or individual attributes for each power. To add Powers to your character sheet with a multiline attribute, simply use the attribute Powers_Multiline. If you'd rather add individual powers, you can add up to ten using the following attributes, where ## is a number from 01 to 10:

  • Power##_Name - the name of the power. This attribute is required.
  • Power##_PP - the amount of Power Points used (optional).
  • Power##_Range - the range of the power (optional).
  • Power##_Duration - the duration of the power (optional).
  • Power##_Effect - the effects of the power (optional).

When setting powers, make sure to use the multiline attribute or the individual attributes, but not both. If you are using individual attributes for powers, the first one (01) must be set, but any others are optional.  Three sets of attributes for powers are already added, but blank.

Characters that have a Max_PP set will also see a Power Point track on their character sheet.


Gear is a simply multiline attribute to list items. You can also set the character's funds and total weight of carried.


Weapons can either be listed under Gear, or as individual items with different attributes. To add individual weapons to your character sheet, use the attributes below, where ## is a number from 01 to 10:

  • Weapon##_Name - the name of the weapon. This attribute is required.
  • Weapon##_Range - the range of the weapon (optional). This is usually marked as Short/Medium/Long.
  • Weapon##_Rof - the rate of fire for the weapon (optional).
  • Weapon##_Damage - the amount of damage done by the weapon (optional).
  • Weapon##_Shots - the maximum number of shots the weapon has and/or how many shots are left (optional). This is usually marked as something like "3 of 12"
  • Weapon##_Weight - the weight of the weapon (optional).
  • Weapon##_Notes - any notes or special qualities of the weapon (optional).

Three sets of attributes for weapons are already added, but blank.

Dark Mode

Turn on a dark mode version of the character sheet by setting the attribute _dodarkmode to true. (Idea stolen from Dschäykib's D&D 5e template, which was in turn influenced by Theycallmemax's plugin.)

Latest version 1.1.1

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