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A Pathfinder 2 character sheet focusing mostly on the information found on the first page of the official sheet, minus attacks and languages. If you would like to install it in your campaign, note that it is styled specifically for use with the Guardian Dark theme (which itself is used on top of the official Dark theme). There is no plan to make it compatible with other themes, but feel free to commission me to do so :)

The plugin automatically calculates ability modifiers from ability scores, and total bonuses such as Armor Class and Skills, so you don’t have as many attributes to update manually. Most attributes are live-editable without needing to open the entity editor. However, calculated fields cannot update themselves automatically and you will need to refresh the page to see correct values for them after live-editing attributes.

Four screen resolutions are explicitly supported with different layouts: mobile (up to 1199px), desktop (1200 to 1899px), wide desktop (1900 to 2559px) and extra wide desktop (2560px and up).

This plugin was commissioned by ToriHearts via Ko-fi. Additional contributors are welcome to help fund embellishments, improvements or additional features. Any requests for substantial changes will have to be approved by ToriHearts as long as she remains an active Kanka user, but a "fork" or variant can also be created.

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Latest version 0.5

Released 1 year ago

Added an "Untrained Improvisation" checkbox to the Skills section. If ticked, Untrained skills will receive a bonus equal to the character’s level if 8+, or half level rounded down otherwise.

For existing characters, if you don’t want to delete and reapply the template, you will need to create the following attributes manually after updating to this version:

  • HalfLevel: standard attribute, with a value of floor({Level} / 2)
  • Untrained Improvisation: checkbox