DnD5e Character Sheet and Monster Stats en

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This can work as both a character sheet and monster stat block for DnD5e.

Fill out the appropriate stats for the character or monster you wish and the sheet should update appropriately.

This character sheet is also mobile friendly.

Latest version 2.0

Released 1 month ago

- Updated fields to display links to other entities properly

- Added field for Damage Resistances

- Changed Proficiencies section to Proficiencies/Languages

- Rearranged Ability Score section to include Saving Throws and removed Saving Throw Section

- Changed font for better legibility

- Added Conditions section

- Ability Scores and Skills now have asterisks next to the label if you are proficient

- Added new fields: Skill Advantage attributes to signify if Checks are rolled at Advantage (1), Disadvantage (-1), or neither (0 [default])

- Added Ammunition section