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Ensures cleaner printing when themes other than Default are active - removing background colors and images, forcing a legible font color regardless of Theme Builder settings, etc. Also removes some unnecessary elements from sidebars and subpages, such as interactive elements and empty sections.

Note that this plugin also activates when printing directly from the Overview page using your browser’s menu or shortcut, so you don’t have to navigate to the Print option in the entity’s options.

Suggestions for other common overrides are welcome on Discord.


If you would like to force a page break before each subpage such as Abilities and Connections, you can add this rule to your campaign’s CSS:

@media print {
	.entity-posts + div /* (org/family members) */ {
		break-before: page;

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Latest version 0.5

Released 7 months ago

  • Force hide the main menu (notably for sidebar plugins).
  • Hide additional buttons and interactive icons, as well as alerts and notifications.
  • Enforce printing colors in tables, and more strictly on entity titles and headings.
  • Removed an obsolete rule.

As always, suggestions and requests are welcome. I rarely print for myself, so I haven’t seen many possible cases and areas for improvement.