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Gives dashboard widget images a maximum height and puts the entity name over the image, like in Kanka 1.x. (There is no image panning on hover, however.)


You can change the maximum height (120 pixels by default) and text color (white) by adding the following to your campaign styles under Settings > Theming:

:root {
	--RWI-h: 120px; /* use e.g. 30vh for a percentage of screen height */
	--RWI-c: #fff;
For some images, white (or your custom color) may not be legible. You can target specific widget IDs and give them a different color like so:
#widget-col-45316 {
	--RWI-c: #000;


At the moment, this theme is not compatible with Default Widget Banner, but if there is demand I may make a combined theme for both. (Specifically, they don’t prevent each other from working but won’t share the same layout.)

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Released 8 months ago

Initial release.