Tori’s Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet Mk I

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A Pathfinder 2 Character Sheet including only the first page of the official sheet, minus attacks and languages.

Automatically calculates ability modifiers from ability scores, and total bonuses such as Armor Class and Skills, so you don’t have as many attributes to update manually.

Proficiencies are entered by name, e.g. {SurvivalProficiency} = Expert. The plugin takes care of converting the names to numeric values as needed, accounting for the character’s level.

Up to 5 Lore skills can be added and will only appear on the sheet if their name is specified.

Only minimal support for narrow screens for the time being.

This plugin was commissioned by ToriHearts via Ko-fi. Additional contributors are welcome to help fund embellishments, make it more responsive or add features. Any requests for substantial changes will have to be approved by ToriHearts as long as she remains an active Kanka user, but a "fork" or variant can also be created.

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Latest version 0.2

Released 1 year ago

  • Error messages are now grouped and only shown on request.
  • All proficiency attributes are now Untrained by default (or Trained for lore skills) so they don’t trigger errors when the template is first applied and you only need to change the ones that are Trained+.
  • Prevented some empty boxes from being shorter than the rest when they have no attribute value.
    • Absent shield values now show an empty space rather than default to 0, to make it clearer at a glance that no shield is equipped. The shield bonus to AC still defaults to 0.
  • Better display of live-editable attributes (further improvements requested of Kanka developers to make null attributes live-editable and allow default values for them too).
  • Small fix to the height of the armor class main bonus’s box.