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This plugin was made for a Masks: A New Generation campaign called Heldencoast (click for a live example!), but the whole crew were so happy with what I threw together I decided to add it here for anyone's use!

This is a complete overhaul. It is basically incompatible with everything else. It changes absolutely everything. Unfortunately releasing it in pieces is all but impossible because so many things are so entwined with each other. If you want something specific you'll have to ask me on discord.


  • Incredible Icons! - (Outdated! See below!)
  • Fantastic Fonts! - Changes the fonts across the entire site to fit a lighthearted, but action packed, comic book feel. (No, not comic sans)
  • Breathtaking Borders! - In an attempt to mimic old comic book windows being a little shaky and a little rugged, I modified all sorts of elements. Might have gone a bit exaggerated but it looks great in context!
  • Beautiful Backgrounds! - A sun over a silhouetted city, showing a beautiful day to save civilians.
    • Different for the Dead! - Or a dark eclipse looming over graves, for those dead character entities NOTE: the eclipse will also go over anything tagged with 'villain'. You will need to add a villain tag to take advantage of this. You can hide this tag as admin-only in case you want to give a character a spooky look with none the wiser.
  • Dazzling Dashboard! - Items are slanted, borders above are brought through 
  • Slanted Subitems! - Everything is just a liiiittle rotated to give a really casual, loosy-goosey feel.
  • Luxurious Labels! - Squares? BORING! Now your tags, items, and all other labels have interesting shapes!
  • Quixotic Quotes! - Standard blockquotes are just... a little line to the left with some text. LAME! These new quote blocks look snazzy!
  • Heavenly Headers! - Okay this belongs under the dashboard. But the headers really pop and add to the tone.

uh... *checks thesaurus*

  • Distinctive Dropcaps! - The first paragraph now has a snazzy looking dropcap to really stand out!
  • Maybe Mobile! - Tested on mobile and works for most things. However this was designed on desktop and there may be issues.

I think that's about most of the major features. Overall as said above it's a massive list of sweeping changes that changes your campaign from regular ol kanka to something resembling a fun, lighthearted comic. 

Required CSS (seriously):

Like many of these themes this one requires you to add a bit of CSS to the top of your custom theming. These are to import the custom fonts, and to declare them as variables for use throughout the site. This means you can change the header and main body font if you would like. Note: there are 2 other fonts in use that aren't changeable as of yet: the title of your campaign in the sidebar, and the font under titles.

/* Import the fonts. Must be at the top of CSS */
@import url("https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Acme&family=Bangers&family=Special+Elite&family=McLaren&family=Luckiest+Guy&family=Road+Rage&display=swap");
/*Create font variables*/
:root {
--header-font: "Bangers";
--body-font: "Mclaren";


With icons being customizable now by default Kanka, the 0.98 update will remove the brute force changing. Here are the list of suggested icons to modernize and make heroic your icons!

  • Locations: fas fa-map-marker-alt
  • Organizations: fas fa-sitemap
  • Timelines: fa-solid fa-timeline
  • Races: fas fa-dna
  • Quests: fa-solid fa-question
  • Journals: fa-solid fa-book
  • Items: fa-solid fa-box-open
  • Events: fas fa-calendar-check
  • Abilities: fad fa-atom
  • Notes: fas fa-database

Known Issues:

  • Sometimes the tags half-load and are cut off, just refresh the page
  • Titles in mobile have the last little bit of them cut off. You can still read them but it can be a little sad.
  • Too good looking. I should make it ugly so people aren't so sad at their default looking campaigns :^)


v0.9 - This release
v1.0 - Introduce more variables for customization
As is there are only variables for two fonts, in case you want to change them. The way the background is set up is very involved and takes 4(!!) images to make work. I would like to change it so that you can change these elements if you so choose, along with other minor tweaks. 

Special Thanks:

Waldue - I stole her font overhaul and fiddled with it. You can see the remnants of it in the code.
Salvatos - Helped me a ton with silly little problems I ran into, along with suggestions for improvement
Jay - Not only for making Kanka, and some help on themes, but I also took a look at his dead characters theme and adapted it to this
Guardian - Used their futuristic icons as a jumping off point for my own overhaul (but completely redid it)

Suggested Plug-ins:

These are optional add-ons that I think might improve the look, feel, and functionality of your campaign.

Latest version 0.97

Released 2 years ago

Guess who tried to use their theme on their phone for the first time and cried? That's right. Not me. I am too cool to cry (don't tell anyone but it really was me).

  • Various fixes for mobile ease-of-use
  • Font changes for the latest Kanka update
  • Added padding to locks on dashboard because it was too crowded