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This will add a small banner on the top of articles with the 'stub' tag. It's made to replicate something similar on wiki-style sites. The side will have an orange line, but the background will change to match your theme. 

In your CSS you need to have this.

    --stub-text: "This article is a stub. Feel free to help out by adding things to it!";

If you already have root, just add the line. Feel free to change the text to whatever you want your stub to say.

Further Customization

Say you want to have different banners for different tags, just take the code and change where it says 'stub' to be the text of your tag. Edit as you want beyond that (and obviously change the variable to your desired text). This is simply a quick & easy plugin for those who want the basics.

Latest version 1.2

Released 5 months ago

Update for Kanka 2.x