Bolder Headings! (Deprecated)

Bolder Headings! (Deprecated) en

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The return of strong entities is here! Have gone through all elements in the entity to view and made them bigger, better and blacker!

Suitable for a kanka that is using a light background or when you need to showcase the POWER of your entitiers (or if you find yourself squinting too much). From the title to the breadcrumbs I've changed everything to be darker to work with a light background. When on a dark background all the important elements will have a white outline making them legible no matter what.

Okay, theres alot of black but if that doesn't work for you, add the below to your css file and change the colour to your liking.

.entity-header .entity-name-header .entity-name,
.entity-header-sub pull-left,
.entity-header-sub-element .name,
.entity-header-sub-element .text,
.entity-header-sub pull-left  .name,
.entity-header-sub .name,
.entity-name-icons { 
    color: (insert colour here, then delete the brackets);

This plugin works well with Bolder Names! if you want that extra ooomph but it's not necessery. Can be found at:

Latest version 15.0

Released 9 months ago

An all new aproach to converting entity titles to being bold, clear in both entities with a background or without.