Figure Box and Floats

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Adds a figure box and float classes. The design is very human.

Introduces 3 classes: figure, l, r, and clear.

  • figure is the base class. Usable on a div to create the box.
  • l & r are usable on anything not just the figure, it will float your element to the left or right respectively with a small margin.
  • clear will remove the float so the next object is displayed on a new line rather than beside the previous element. I added it as its own class because this is a preference.

To make a figure box that floats to the left of the page you can use the following (replacing square with angle brackets, of course):

[div class="figure l clear"][img alt="link here" src="link%20here"][br]words[/div]

To add any text just force a line break and write away, it's pre-formatted to be italicized and centered in the box. 

Latest version 1.2

Released 2 years ago

Removed a depreciated bit of code so it can get along better with tooltips