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.boxquote gives you a second option for blockquotes. It adds a class that you can apply to any block of text, including headings, that you can also style without affecting kanka's default blockquotes.

It does require some basic knowledge of HTML to apply in your entity pages once the plugin is installed.

By default, .boxquote adds padding (empty space) of 10% width to either side of your text, adds a small border to the left side, and adds some space between your other text to help it stand out a little more.
The rest of the text styling remains the same, so any other changes you've made, or made by other plugins, such as font or colour, should still apply.

How to use .boxquote |

In order to use this plugin, you must go into the HTML viewer while you're editing. There you'll see how your page is organized, and all the parts are organized into brackets, such as like this:

Note: These are shown with round brackets. In actual HTML, they're triangle brackets.

(p)sample text(/p)
(h1)sample header size 1(/h1)

After you've located the text you want to apply the .boxquote formatting to, all you need to do is add the following to the opening bracket, like so:

class="boxquote" (COPY/PASTE ME!)
(p class="boxquote")sample text(/p)
(h1 class="boxquote")sample header size 1(/h1)

Once you've added it, you just need to hit save and you should be good to go.

Adding other styling |

.boxquote's styling can be modified within your campaign CSS using the .boxquote class selector, the same as the plugin's name. It should overwrite the plugin's default styling. Here's how we'd make the text red and the border blue and dashed, for example:

.boxquote {
color: red; }

.boxquote::before {
border-left: dashed;
border-color: blue; }

Latest version v1.2

Released 3 years ago

(Fixed again lmao, I had it around the wrong way around for v1.1, proceed as normal.)