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An interactive character sheet for the RPG Magical Kitties Save The Day based on the print version. There are live attributes so you can edit the character sheet directly, and add (or remove) Owies, Injuries, Kitty Treats, and XP by clicking in the check boxes (or check paws in this case). Owie Limit, Starting Treats, XP based on level, and Injuries based on the highest attribute do not update until after the page is refreshed. So if you make a change (to say Owie Limit) you then need to refresh the page to have more available check boxes.

It uses the optional rules from Power Up! for levels above ten, but doesn't yet have enough check boxes for it. (That'll be for a future update.)

Latest version 1.1

Released 1 year ago

Version 1.1

  • Your Kitty can have enough XP to reach level 20!
  • Humans can have more problems with separate ranks (up to four).
  • New checkboxes added to track upgrades when your kitty levels up.