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"Basics - Display Fix" changes many margins for a more comfortable rendering, fixes some existing features and therefore increases the user experience.

Below are the main changes that this plugin makes:

  • Changes many margins and padding applied to base theme containers ;
  • Add a pointer cursor on the checkboxes ;
  • Change the shape of entity images from round to rounded squares ;
  • Remove boosted icons from premium features ;
  • Right sidebar on entity page:
    • Adds a background of the default color of your current theme ;
    • Changes its display so that its entries are all automatically lined and separated by a thin border.
  • Reduce the default campaign name size in the main sidebar ;
  • Remove the last update date under the campaign name in the main sidebar ;
  • Remove the entry header displayed by default and not editable on the entities page.


This plugin is currently still in beta version and therefore, despite my special attention, may contain display bugs, especially on mobile version. Thank you for your understanding. The use of this plugin could cause some display issues with certains themes which already modify the display. It's advisable to modify the order of the plugins in such a way as to add it to the end of the order list, so that it takes priority.


For any feedback, suggestions, ideas or encountered issues, you can email me at [email protected] using the following subject: Kanka - [Plugin Name] - Your topic

Latest version 0.2 beta

Released 1 year ago

The footer is now displayed correctly following the latest Kanka update. Thanks to Salvatos for keeping me informed.