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A version for a Star Wars D6 character sheet.

This plugin offers some attributes to detail general information about a character (name, job, physical traits, etc...) and some customizable attributes to provide the skills set.

To personalize or add a skill, it's important to respect the format, depending on the category where you want to add a skill :

- Name of the skill has to have X_skill_n attribute format, where X is the keyword for the category and n is a numerical index

- Value of the skill has to have X_skill_n_value attribute format, where X_skill_n is the attribute's value of the name of this skill

Latest version 1.1.0

Released 2 months ago

Improve visibility of sub skill by adding the possibility to declare a skill to be a sub skill and displays it with a specific style.

To declare a skill to be a sub skill, simply add "_sub" at the end of attribute name used to declare the skill.

For example, to have the attribute "dex_skill_3" containing a sub skill, I may rename it "dex_skill_3_sub".