GURPS Simplified Character Sheet en

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A simplified character sheet designed for play.

Advantages, Disadvantages, Skills, Spells, and Psi Powers are intended to be "Abilities" of the character, but there are text boxes included to allow the player to list them and mark down the total points to keep track of them on the character sheet.

There is an Edit text box, which, when turned on, allows the player to edit the entire sheet for use when spending points, but when off, only allows a few options, such as current HP and FP, to be edited during normal gameplay.

This character sheet is set up in a "Card" like system. If you are using a narrow screen (like a phone in portrait orientation), each card will be displayed vertically, but wider screens will be able to show multiple cards per line.

Latest version 1.0

Released 11 months ago

Initial release.