[REDACTED] Hidden Links

[REDACTED] Hidden Links en

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Changes private or deleted links from being Unknown to a stamp showing they are hidden.

NOTE: You must put this in your campaign css

/* Change the unknown entity mentions */
:root {
    --redact-text: ' [REDACTED]\00a0 \00a0 ';
    --redact-width: 13ch;

redact-text can be changed to whatever you want it to be. The \00a0 enforces blank spaces to make sure 'Unknown' is pushed away.

redact-width will take some fiddling but in general: # of letters+2 is a good kickoff point.

Pairs well with Salvatos' Redacted Text, and a big thanks to them for the help getting this working!

Latest version 1.0

Released 3 years ago

Initial version.