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Quickly insert symbols for Pathfinder 2e's actions into your posts and attributes.

Action (+ Default Tooltip)
Default Symbol
Override Properties
Free Action
[icon:ra pf2e-free-action]
[icon:ra pf2e-reaction] --pf2e-actions-raction
One Action
[icon:ra pf2e-one-action] --pf2e-actions-1action
Two Actions
❖❖ [icon:ra pf2e-two-actions] --pf2e-actions-2action
Three Actions
❖❖❖ [icon:ra pf2e-three-actions] --pf2e-actions-3action


If you decide you don't like the default text used, you can customize it with little hassle. In your campaign's CSS, paste :root { } then set one or more of the properties listed in the "Override Properties" column above to whatever you'd prefer to use instead. The -text properties define the text that appears in the tooltip, while those without determine the symbol that appears.


If you'd like to help add out-of-the-box translations for the tooltip text, message @KeepOnScrollin on the discord with the translations and locale they belong to.

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