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A small CSS stylesheet that updates fields throughout the campaign to use terminology from Pathfinder 2e.

Current features:

  • "Race"/"Races" becomes "Ancestry"/"Ancestries".
  • "Sub Race" becomes "Heritage".
  • An item's "Size" becomes "Bulk".


  • Character races, as well as parent races, in single-entity views cannot be reliably selected and replaced with CSS, and will remain unchanged.
  • Likewise for the "Race" filter option on list views.
  • The page title (the name of the tab in your web browser) will still display "Races" when viewing an ancestry or the ancestry list. 

Latest version: 0.7 View Content
Released 4 months ago
Changes and Fixes
  • The Race breadcrumb had a strange vertical alignment (but only on Firefox).
  • Terminology variables are now set html[lang] instead of on :root, allowing for locale-specific updates in the future.
  • The "Characters" column on the non-nested Races list view was being incorrectly changed to "Heritages".
  • The "Races" column on the Character list screen has been changed to "Ancestries".
  • The placeholder text on the Characters list filters now reads "Choose an ancestry" (there is currently no way of targeting the filter's label).