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Have you ever wanted an excuse to not prep for your next game? Have you every thought "Wow, I'm terrible at designing CSS" and wished you could just make it all go away? Well now you can!

Introducing Kanka-be-Gone!

Kanka-be-Gone utilizes a top-secret blend of CSS and unicorn dust to make your entire campaign disappear with just a few quick clicks!*

By default, Kanka-be-Gone replaces your entire campaign with a 404 message, but with Kanka-be-Gone's industrial-strength text-replacement capabilities, you yes you have the power to change that message to anything you want**! Just set the --kanka-be-gone-message variable in your campaign's CSS and watch as the message you picked appears instead!

*Warning: While Kanka-be-Gone is potent, it's effects are short-lived. Despite it being re-applied with every new page you visit, your campaign content may begin to re-appear approximately 15 seconds after application. Please troll responsibly.

**Kanka-be-Gone's industrial-strength text-replacement capabilities are only capable of handling plain text. Kanka-be-Gone does not provide any innate way to memeify visitors to your campaign. Do it yourself, we're not monsters.

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Released 6 months ago Same thing as before, but now with (hopefully) less work for Jay.