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Have you ever wanted to add a one-off note to a character description, but didn't want to create an entire Note in Kanka just for the tooltip? If so, this is for you.

This plugin allows you to create simple tooltips to your campaign, without having to create and mention a new Kanka entity!

How to Use
To create a simple tooltip, type out the text to which you want to connect a tooltip, then click the Code View button in the text editor. Add span elements around that text, adding the appropriate classes, until it looks similar to the below image.
Add the top, right, bottom, or left class to determine where the tooltip appears, relative to your chosen text.

If you want to customize the appearance of the tooltips, you can put the below in your Campaign CSS, and change the values as you wish. If you want further customization, you can customize them using the .simple-tooltip and .simple-tooltip-text selectors.

Latest version: 1.2 View Content
Released 7 months ago

Adds a fade-in/out animation. Because the tooltip no longer vanishes instantly, this also ensures the end-user has time to interact with the contents of the tooltip if desired (such as to click hyperlinks).